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Solar Suitcases in Uganda

In Africa, pregnancy and childbirth complications result in hundreds of maternal deaths every day, including within the country of Uganda. Ugandan clinics often don’t have reliable electricity for lighting and medical equipment. Power the World has partnered with WE CARE Solar to help to change this fact and reduce maternal mortality rates by providing solar light and power for hospitals and health clinics via the WE CARE Solar Suitcase. The WE CARE Solar Suitcase is an innovative solar energy system designed to fit in a carry-on sized suitcase for easy transport and installation.

The Solar Suitcase provides healthcare professionals with a renewable power source to operate medical lighting, cell phones, and small medical devices. This extremely efficient solar energy kit enables medical staff to help women deliver their babies safely at night. Currently, there is a 1-in-35 risk of a woman dying as a result of pregnancy complications in Uganda. With the Solar Suitcase, health providers can see at night for routine deliveries and surgical procedures, and can promptly diagnose and treat birth complications.

Power the World and WE CARE Solar

So far we have provided 125 suitcases that have helped benefit 600 mothers and 600 newborns. Although we have made significant progress toward reaching our goal, there are still many more mothers and newborns who can benefit from the solar suitcases.

Click below to donate to Power the World in support of a WE CARE Solar Suitcase for Uganda. Each suitcase costs $1500. Your donation will help women, their babies and entire communities live safer and healthier lives.