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Solar Lights in Haiti

Of the 34 million people living in the Western Hemisphere who have no access to electricity, almost 8 million are located in Haiti. Music for Relief and EarthSpark International’s Enèji Pwòp (Haitian Creole for “clean energy”) have joined forces to provide clean energy options for Haitian individuals and their families. Power the World has actively worked on three different projects in order to provide electricity to more people.

The first of these projects is the distribution of individual solar lights. So far, Power The World has provided solar lights to 50,750 people.

The second project was working to convert a disel grid to a solar- wind hybrid system equipped with battery storage. This project brought electricity to 420 homes, over 2,000 people.


Finally, Power the World worked to launch a ‘roving vendors’ experimental program that recruited 20 additional clean vendors to sell solar lights. This program led to 900 additional lights being sold, benefitting 4,500 people.

Something as simple as a solar powered light can open up opportunities for families in Haiti. Without electricity, children have to study by candlelight or kerosene lanterns at night and face the risk of fires and illness from smoke and soot inhalation.  Parents are unable to run business after dark.  Powered by the sun and safe for families and the environment, solar lights provide the light for education and productive livelihoods.

By working with local entrepreneurs to kickstart clean energy enterprises, Music for Relief is opening up access to electricity, enhancing livelihoods, and ensuring that the service and delivery mechanisms for these lights are sustainable. Your $10 donation equals one solar light.