Solar Lights in West Africa

Music For Relief funded solar light distribution in West Africa for families that were impacted by the Ebola virus. The distribution took place in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Music For Relief purchased 22,000 Nokero N200 solar lights were...

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Clean Cookstoves in Nepal

Can a simple biogas technology transform lives, save tigers and restore forests? Yes it can. Support our initiative in Nepal that benefits us all.

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Solar Suitcases in Uganda

In Africa, pregnancy and childbirth complications result in hundreds of maternal deaths every day, including within the country of Uganda. Ugandan clinics often don’t have reliable electricity for lighting and medical equipment.


Solar Lights in Haiti

Of the 34 million people living in the Western Hemisphere who have no access to electricity, almost 8 million are located in Haiti. Power the World aims to reduce this number by getting solar powered lights into the hands...


SOCCKET in South America

In South America, Power the World is raising funds for to provide clean, sustainable energy for families without access to electricity in the form of a SOCCKET. Created by Uncharted Play, SOCCKET is a soccer ball that also functions...